We Do!

We are a small business, as such prioritize manual “data entry” near the bottom of things to do :-p Slowly, but surely things are added daily!!

Feel free to email sales@ar15safespace.com , if you are looking for something in particular- odds are we got it!

So…sometimes couriers dont work on their days off (shame I know i’ll speak to their manager).  Hence your order status showing as “not accepted/updated” yet.

Be calm and chill before keyboard smashing me for an update. Thank you sir/ma’am/tree !

We/I try to get orders out the same day if possible.  Forgive me if I’m unable to as I’m just a one man team!


3-5 business days processing time can be expected.  At which point tracking information will be sent to your email on file!

Well because, it’s on backorder aka not yet in stock/available to ship 😀 !

It’ll ship as soon as it’s available, if you prefer to cancel just send us an email and we will take care of you!


IF no tracking was ever created/sent(check spam folder and make sure you provide a valid email), whoops ! I’ll get on it!

IF it shows “Delivered,” no.

Contact your USPS and/or make sure you add insurance, otherwise your ability to place orders will be frozen, until you resolve your inability to receive orders.

Social media and 9-1-1 ?
Email triggered@ar15safespace.com for the quickest response!

Abso-fckin-lutely! If you are a smart shopper and find a better deal within 30 days, email us sales@ar15safespace.com and we will verify their price shipped and match, if not beat it.

*BlackFriday Sale excluded generally*

If it hasn’t shipped- yes.

Otherwise the difference in savings will be minimal (a few dollars) nothing to beat yourself up over!

Please contact us immediately  We Care Department !

We/I do not have one.  It’s still just me : D

No, you can not.  It’s purposely disabled to avoid fraud.

#BlameNigerianScammers but if you are a known customer, possibly we can discuss such things!


Thanks for understanding!

Flip your card over, dial the toll free #…takes about 1-2 minute conversation to update that info immediately.


**sigh** There is no Safe Space. It’s satire, please dont cry/whine to me lol.