Frequently Asked Questions

My order was cancelled due to a coding/pricing Error - why won't you honor it?!?!

If its erroneously discounted beyond what it’s supposed to be, then no it won’t be honored and you won’t be charged.

I bought an item thats prohibited to ship to my state, why did you cancel and charge me a cancellation fee?

Because you’re either uneducated and wasting everyones time or you’re trying to slip an order in and wasting everyones time.

How come you guys don't have more shit?

We are a small business, as such prioritize manual “data entry” near the bottom of things to do :-p Slowly, but surely things are added daily!!

Feel free to email , if you are looking for something in particular- odds are we got it!

Is there a problem with my order- It's been 4 days (fri, sat, sun, mon..) and my order hasn't shipped/updated also Monday was a National Holiday?

So…sometimes couriers don’t work on their days off (shame I know i’ll speak to their manager).  Hence your order status showing as “not accepted/updated” yet.

Be calm and chill before keyboard smashing me for an update. Thank you sir/ma’am/tree !

Where is my order?

We/I try to get orders out the same day if possible.  Forgive me if I’m unable to as I’m just a one man team!

3-5 business days processing time can be expected.  At which point tracking information will be sent to your email on file!

I ordered an item on backorder, how come it has not shipped yet?

Well because, it’s on backorder aka not yet in stock/available to ship πŸ˜€ !

It’ll ship as soon as it’s available, if you prefer to cancel just send us an email and we will take care of you!

Why do you have a phone if no one answers?

Social media and 9-1-1 ?
Email for the quickest response!

Do you guys price match?


We appreciate you wanting to buy from us versus a Multi-million dollar company, but our products are priced competitively, or discount in cart. 

Plus there’s too many factors the majority of requesters don’t consider or disclose to us or make us calculate and point out for them i.e. trying to avoid sales tax from competitor X, that we don’t charge and/or increased shipping costs they charge etc. 

I ordered 7 years ago and I'm just now bothering to mention, I haven't received my order can you look into it?

IF no tracking was ever created/sent(check spam folder and make sure you provide a valid email), whoops ! I’ll get on it!

IF it shows “Delivered,” no.

Contact your USPS and/or make sure you add insurance, otherwise your ability to place orders will be frozen, until you resolve your inability to receive orders.

How do I file a complaint to your Customer Service Department?

Please contact us immediately  We Care Department !

We/I do not have one.  It’s still just me : D

My billing address is different than where I want my stuff shipped, but I cant change it - can I change it post-ordering?

No, you can not.  It’s purposely disabled to avoid fraud.

#BlameNigerianScammers but if you are a known customer, possibly we can discuss such things!

Thanks for understanding!

I just moved and haven't updated my billing address on my credit card can you ship to a different address?

Flip your card over, dial the toll free #…takes about 1-2 minute conversation to update that info immediately.


Why are you called 'Safe Space' but refuse to make me feeeeeeeel Safe?

**sigh** There is no Safe Space. It’s satire, please don’t cry/whine to me lol.

I paid for Insurance and USPS/UPS/FedEx does NOT show it added - did I get bamboozled ?

We use ShipStation for shipping via multiple Couriers – they offer ShipSurance insurance coverage which isn’t directly through the couriers so it would not show there but is added to your shipment if you paid for it.