Wheeler Delta AR-15 Receiver Lapping Tool 156757

Wheeler Delta AR-15 Receiver Lapping Tool


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Built for the professional gunsmith and the DIY enthusiast, Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Supplies are of extremely high quality and affordable. Top-grade materials ensure dependability and their workmanship is guaranteed for life. For safety and functionality, trust nothing but Wheeler Engineering.

Using a Delta AR-15 Receiver Lapping Tool helps to create a perfect foundation before installing your barrel into the upper receiver. Lapping the receiver can remove accuracy robbing misalignment before your build even begins. For existing builds, lapping may help to further accurize your rifle.

Use this steel-constructed tool along with the included 220 grit lapping compound and an electric drill to square the face of the receiver. Quick and easy, this will help achieve a more accurate, higher performing firearm.

Compatible with battery-powered or electric drill
Steel construction with a black oxide finish
Flex driver shaft
220 Grit lapping compound
Lapping bar


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