Radian Raptor-SL AR-15

Radian Raptor-SL AR-15


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Easy-To-Grasp Ambidextrous Handle That Won t Snag Your Gear or Clothing

The Raptor-SL, short for “Raptor Slim,” from Radian Weapons is an ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle similar to the current Raptor handle – with some key modifications requested by some of Radian’s operator customers.

The Raptor-SL has smaller, reduced-profile grasping “ears” that minimize the risk of getting caught up in chest rigs or other gear, which can lead to pulling the BCG out of battery unbeknownst to the operator. At the same time, the Raptor Slim still provides the fast, positive engagement that make Raptor handles so popular.

  • Low-profile ears reduce risk of snagging on other gear
  • Fully ambidextrous operation
  • Hardened aluminum handle body
  • Fits mil-spec AR-15 / M16 upper receivers (will NOT fit Colt 901)

Deep vertical serrations on the front and rear of the Radian Weapons Raptor-SL’s ears give you an excellent, non-slip hold through the entire charging cycle. Whatever your charging technique – from rapid palm “blading” to a straightforward finger-thumb grasp – the Raptor-SL ensures you can achieve the same fast, fluid operation from the support side as you do from your strong side.